Public Internet Access

The Public Internet Access Program (PIAP) is part of the Victorian Government's initiative Connecting Communities: the second wave. The objective of PIAP is to ensure that community-based free or affordable public internet access continues to be provided to disadvantaged Victorians who would not otherwise have such access.

PIAP is targeted towards those Victorians who continue to face barriers in accessing and using the internet. PIAP offers funding to not-for-profit community organisations and local government entities that provide or intend to provide public internet access for specified target groups. These include:

  • Senior Victorians (including seniors from non-English speaking backgrounds);
  • Recently arrived migrants;
  • Unemployed Victorians and those outside the education system and workforce (including disadvantaged youth); and/or
  • People with a disability.

PIAP seeks to achieve these outcomes by making funding available to organisations to:

  • Upgrade computer hardware and/or software;
  • Support the cost of ISP connections; and
  • Provide public Internet access to disadvantaged target groups in Victoria.

Locations with Public Internet Access within the Pyrenees Shire are as follows:

  • Avoca Information Centre - 122 High St, Avoca VIC 3467 (Free Wi-Fi also available)
  • Beaufort Community Resource Centre - 72 Neill St, Beaufort VIC 3373 (Free Wi-Fi also available)
  • Landsborough Community Resource Centre - 32 Burke St, Landsborough VIC 3480
  • Lexton Community Enterprise Centre - 1 Goldsmith St, Lexton VIC 3352 (Free Wi-Fi also available)
We acknowledge the people past and present of the Wadawurrung, Dja Dja Wurrung, and Djab Wurrung tribes, whose land forms the Pyrenees Shire. We pay our respect to the customs, traditions and stewardship of the land by the elders and people of these tribes.

Page last updated: 9:54 AM, 21 March 2016
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