East Grampians Water Supply

Monday 31 July 2017, 11:29 AM

Pyrenees Shire Council is supporting an investigation by GWMWater into a piped water supply to an area west of Beaufort.

GWMWater is leading the East Grampians Rural Water Supply Feasibility Project.

GWMWater is seeking expressions of interests from farmers, businesses and community organisations looking for a more reliable water supply solution within the project area under investigation.

The area under investigation includes land:

  • Around and south of Ararat until the Glenelg Highway;
  • the edge of the eastern Grampians National Park extending west to the Carngham- Streatham Road and past Buangor township towards Mount Cole; and
  • an area north west of Moyston across the Black Ranges just north of Great Western and then as far east as Crowlands.

Mayor Ron Eason said more expressions of interest would increase the viability of the piped water supply.       

“Council is aware that this piped water supply could have the potential to improve farm viability in the area, as well as create new opportunities in the agricultural sector,” Mayor Eason said.

“We are encouraging all farmers, businesses and community organisations to put forward their interest to GWMWater,” he said.

GWMWater has received expressions of interest from more than 200 landholders so far.

If you have not yet registered your interest and would like to consider connecting your property to a more reliable and permanent water supply, please complete a registration form and return it to GWMWater by the end of August 2017.

For a more detail about the project or to download the EOI registration form, head to www.gwmwater.org.au/egrp or contact GWMWater on 1300 659 961.

We acknowledge the people past and present of the Wadawurrung, Dja Dja Wurrung, and Djab Wurrung tribes, whose land forms the Pyrenees Shire. We pay our respect to the customs, traditions and stewardship of the land by the elders and people of these tribes.

Page last updated: 11:29 AM, 31 July 2017
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