Help us welcome new residents to the Pyrenees Shire

Wednesday 09 August 2017, 3:41 PM

Council is asking for the involvement of community groups in an event to welcome new residents to the Pyrenees Shire. This event will be hosted in Beaufort on Thursday September 7 from 6pm-8pm. There are plans to host the event again next year in Avoca, at a time and date to be confirmed.

We are looking to our community groups for their input. We would like you to come along to share your group’s activities and ideals, which make Pyrenees Shire a great place to live. We are proposing that groups will have an opportunity to speak to the new residents, either in a one on one capacity or in a group setting. The exact format of the night will be confirmed closer to the date when numbers of participants are known.

If this sounds like something your group would like to get involved in, please send email to the Events Officer, or call on 5349 1100 by Monday, August 14. If you would like to be involved in an event in Avoca next year, please also get in touch.

Page last updated: 3:41 PM, 09 August 2017
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