Your Guide To Power Outages

Tuesday 28 February 2017, 2:10 PM

Summer weather conditions can cause power outages. The Your Guide to Power Outages brochure has some simple things you can do at home to prepare for and be safe in an event of a power outage.

Consider your need for back-up power if you are highly reliant on electricity. Remember power outages can also affect phones, radios and water pumps.

  • Have a battery-powered radio and spare batteries or a wind-up radio available to hear any alerts and warnings in case power fails
  • Have a landline with a card, a fully charged mobile phone as a backup and a spare battery
  • Have a non-electric pump available that can be operated from an alternative water supply such as a swimming pool, concrete or metal tank or dam
  • if you have special needs contact your electricity retail company



Page last updated: 2:10 PM, 28 February 2017
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