Council maintains a system of differential rating, with different rates in the dollar applied to each different type of property. The actual rate is calculated by multiplying the Capital Improved Value (CIV) of a property by the cents in the dollar applicable to that property, as detailed above.

Rating categories for the 2015/16 year are:

Type Cents in $ on CIV
Vacant Land - Rural /Residential - Less than 2 Ha 1.5442
Vacant Land - Other (except Farmland) 1.1581
Houses, Flats etc 0.4826
Commercial (including shops, offices and factories) 0.4826
Industrial 0.4826
Farms (all types) 0.3860
Cultural & Recreational Land Act Properties * 0.2413

* Properties that are classified as Cultural & Recreational Land have been granted a 50% rebate on the cents in the dollar on CIV, as above.

Council does not currently levy a Municipal Charge.

Rates can be paid annually by a lump sum or by instalments. If paying in full, payment must be received by 15th February. Ratepayers wishing to pay by instalments need to have the first instalment paid by 30th September. If not, all monies become due by 15th February.


The option to pay by instalments is only exercisable prior to the due date for payment of the first instalment.

For those paying their rates by instalments, the due dates are:

1st Instalment - 30th September
2nd Instalment - 30th November
3rd Instalment - 28th February
4th Instalment - 31st May

Unpaid rates will incur interest at 9.5%.

Page last updated: 11:09 AM, 12 July 2016
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