The Assets and Development Department of the Pyrenees Shire manages the roads and infrastructure throughout the Shire. Asset management incorporates the construction and maintenance of Council infrastructure. This may include: roads, parks and gardens, open spaces, recreation and leisure facilities and other property owned or occupied by Council. Council operates Maintenance Depots in Avoca and Beaufort.

Council funds rehabilitation and upgrades of assets through a Capital expenditure budget each year. This includes expenditure on items such as roads, underground drainage, footpaths, kerb and channel. These works are prioritised based on risk and condition.

Council have taken a progressive approach to maintaining their assets by assessing the assets condition on a regular basis and undertaking action to maintain them at a target level.

Street Lighting & Signs

Council is committed to maintaining signs and street lighting in optimum operating condition in the interest of public safety and convenience. These include public lighting, street signs, directional signs, town and boundary signs.

Roads, Drainage, Footpaths, Kerb and Channel

Capital expenditure items such as roads, drainage, footpaths, kerb and channel are prioritised and allocated funding in Council's annual budget.

Road Asset Management Plan

To better manage the Council's Road infrastructure, Council has produced a Road Asset Management Plan. This is a strategic document which lists what road infrastructure Council is responsible for, the service levels provided by this infrastructure, and the cost of maintaining and operating the infrastructure. It also provides a future direction of steps Council need to undertake in future for the responsible management of these assets.

We acknowledge the people past and present of the Wadawurrung, Dja Dja Wurrung, and Djab Wurrung tribes, whose land forms the Pyrenees Shire. We pay our respect to the customs, traditions and stewardship of the land by the elders and people of these tribes.

Page last updated: 8:56 AM, 12 June 2013
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