Customer Service

The Customer Service Charter has been developed to ensure customers of the Pyrenees Shire Council are informed of the principles and standards applied to all of Council's service provision.

Council Plan
The Council Plan outlines the guiding principles which will be used in Council's everyday decision making and operations.

The key principles in guiding Customer Service are:

"Accessible and Responsive"
We ensure that access to services is equitable.
We respect our communities and respond in a timely manner.

Basic Principles Statement
Council has implemented Quality Assurance Systems to record and respond to Customer concerns with respect to Council Works and Operations.

Council is committed to provide Customers with excellence in service through the following principles:


  • We will respond to telephone calls within five rings
  • We will endeavour to respond to telephone messages within 24 hours
  • Correspondence received by mail or email will be responded to within 8 working days
  • Planning and other statutory correspondence will be responded to in accordance with legislative requirements
  • We will meet corporate standards with all correspondence
  • We will identify ourselves by name when responding to phone or face to face enquiries
  • We will make all reasonable efforts to supply all our services in a timely manner with priority assistance to customers affected by a public safety issue
  • Customer requests for service will be actioned within defined service timelines.


  • Our Customer Service Line will be available for service information during normal business hours and emergency numbers will be provided after business hours
  • We will provide information that is current and in plain language
  • Where practical, services will be available equally to all users and tailored to suit customer requirements
  • We will offer a variety of payment methods for accounts
  • We will be available for contact by phone, online, in writing and in person
  • We will assist counter customers within five minutes.

Knowledge and Attitude

  • We will ensure information provided is up to date
  • We will proactively explain processes and take personal responsibility
  • We will act in a manner, which is respectful to the public.

Fair Treatment

  • We will balance individual needs with the direction of Council and resources available to achieve best community outcomes
  • If we cannot meet customer expectations we will explain why
  • We will respect the right of a customer to complain about unsatisfactory service and will deal with complaints in timely, fair and transparent manner
  • We will respect the right of customers to information privacy and confidentiality.


  • We will encourage customer feedback and use it as an opportunity to improve
  • We will consult and measure our performance on a regular basis to improve our service
  • We will participate in annual customer surveys and share the results with the community
  • We will report annually on service achievements and disappointments.

Failure to meet the established commitments will entitle you to an apology and explanation of action.

If for any reason you are not happy with the standard of customer service you receive then please contact our Customer Service Supervisor on 5349 1100, so that your concerns can be dealt with.

Formal complaints can be lodged via our Customer Complaint Form, or in writing addressed to:

Pyrenees Shire Council
5 Lawrence Street
Beaufort VIC 3373

The complaint will be referred to a senior officer of the Council who will review and investigate the circumstances and keep you informed of its progress and outcome. Complaints concerning Council's decisions need to be placed in writing and directed to the Chief Executive Officer, or the relevant councillor

We acknowledge the people past and present of the Wadawurrung, Dja Dja Wurrung, and Djab Wurrung tribes, whose land forms the Pyrenees Shire. We pay our respect to the customs, traditions and stewardship of the land by the elders and people of these tribes.

Page last updated: 2:08 PM, 19 July 2017
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