Local Law No. 2 - Environment

 Local Law No. 2 (PDF, 183 KB)

The objectives of this local law are:

  • To provide a safe and healthy environment in which residents of the municipal district enjoy a quality of life that meets the general expectations of the community
  • To prohibit, regulate and control activities which may be detrimental to the quality of life of the municipal district
  • In a way which is consistent with, and in furtherance of, the objectives specified in paragraphs (1) and (2) of this clause to prohibit, regulate and control activities and circumstances associated with:
    • unsightly land
    • temporary dwellings
    • animals, including animal numbers and the keeping and control of animals
    • The safe and fair use and enjoyment of public places
    • Waste disposal
    • Noise emanating from certain premises
  • To provide for the peace order and good government of the municipal district
  • To provide for the administration of the Council's powers and functions.



Page last updated: 9:59 AM, 15 April 2011
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