Council Budget

2016-17 Budget Delivers on Major Projects in a Revenue Constrained Environment

Pyrenees Shire Council has worked hard to put together a responsible budget in the first year of the Fair Go Rates System (Rate Capping).

The 2016-17 Budget allocates $7.1 million for capital works, including $463,000 to continue key safety improvements to the Raglan-Elmhurst Road.

The capital works program also includes $329,000 for the Moonambel-Natte Yallock Road, $247,000 for Trawalla Road, $377,000 for Modesty Lane and $369,000 for the Darlington-Carranballac Road.

The Budget’s rate increase of 3.83 per cent is 1.33% above the 2.5 per cent rate cap set by the Andrews Labor Government.

Pyrenees Shire Council Mayor Michael O’Connor said this year’s budget had many challenges for Council to overcome.

“Council was faced with balancing the service needs of our community, with the income derived from capped rates and a diminishing Federal Government grants system,” Mayor O’Connor said.

“Cost shifting and reduced funding from both levels of government has also added to the challenges of this budget,” he said. 

Mayor O’Connor said Council had scrutinised all of its operations to ensure rate payers’ money was spent effectively and efficiently.

“We’ve had to re-prioritise our capital works program, and we’ve quarantined the funds from the extra 1.33 per cent rate increase solely for road reseals.”

“But we’ve also stayed true to our strategic plan, to deliver our vision in the final year of this Council.”

The Raglan-Elmhurst Road has been a key priority for Council since 2010, as it is an important north-south link road through the shire.

More than $3.2 million dollars will have been spent on the widening and strengthening of the road by the end of the 2016-17 financial year.

It is also important to note that this year is a revaluation year for properties in Pyrenees Shire, which means the average rate increase will vary.

The Council Budget is the tool which guides Council’s expenditure throughout a twelve month period.

The Council Budget is drawn up after significant discussion with Council staff and Councillors and contains information as to how Council will direct its financial resources during the next twelve months. The Budget document is very detailed and sets out the reasoning behind the many decisions Council has made. Each year Council seeks community input on the Budget document before determining its Budget.

2016-2017 Council Budget (PDF, 1.75MB)


Page last updated: 9:42 AM, 27 June 2016
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