Proposed Changes to Local Law


Pyrenees Shire Council has undertaken an extensive review of its current Local Law No. 2 Environment and Local Law No. 3 Streets and Roads throughout 2017 and 2018.  We will soon release the proposed new General Local Law for public comments and feedback. 


The main changes will be around:

  • Amenity and safety of property;
  • Shipping containers;
  • Camping and temporary dwellings;
  • Display and sale of goods on roadsides or footpaths;
  • Outdoor eating facilities on roadsides or footpaths; and
  • Advertising signs on roadsides, footpaths and public places.


Find out more information about the proposed changes: 

FACT SHEET - Information for Business and Industry(PDF, 417KB)
FACT SHEET - Information for the Community(PDF, 416KB)