Avoca Streetscape Project Update

Published on 09 September 2019

Avoca Bullocks

What have we heard and who have we heard from?

Council has received 158 submissions from Avoca residents, business owners and community groups in response to the Draft Avoca Framework and Main Street Plan.  The submissions discussed a range of topics which include:

  • The location of the men’s toilet block
  • The species, number and location of proposed additional tree planting
  • The need to retain median car parking
  • The need to provide long vehicle parking
  • Parallel parking access for elderly drivers
  • A need for improved pedestrian safety and movement
  • A need to protect and enhance Avoca’s rich heritage value
  • A need to preserve Avoca’s uniqueness and retain a rural feel
  • Need to maintain through-access for large and oversize vehicles (particularly agricultural equipment)
  • A need to reduce the town’s vehicle speed limit and improve traffic safety
  • A need to retain a dual lane carriage way throughout


Council also received feedback on a range of matters that are unfortunately outside the scope of this project and in some cases, outside of Council’s area of control. These elements included:

  • The suggestion for a roundabout at each end of town
  • The suggestion of a bypass for the township
  • The need for more Victoria Police enforcement to control poor driver behaviour
  • The location of the inclusive play space


What have we changed in the plans?

In response to the feedback received, Council has made a range of amendments to the draft plans. Specific changes include the retention of the men’s toilet block in its current location, the retention of median centre car parking, the provision of dedicated long vehicle parking bays and the provision of a ‘buffer zone’ to facilitate parallel parking.


Will the plans continue to show a single lane?

Yes, Council has reviewed the submissions relating to the retention of two lanes and is confident that a single lane can be achieved without having a negative impact on the road users or the local community. Design considerations have ensured the following:

  • There will be no impact on the movement of large vehicles as the road pavement will be able to accommodate vehicles of up to 6.8 metres wide (which is greater than the legal vehicle width)
  • Council has carried out a review of daily traffic counts, forecasted traffic volumes and a comparison with other town main street designs; this research confirms that a single lane is adequate for current and forecasted conditions.
  • Access to parallel parking spaces have been facilitated through the inclusion of a 1.5m buffer strip which will run alongside the parking bays and the provision of long bays to facilitate ‘drive in’ access.
  • There will be no impact on the visual width of the street as the proposed lane reduction will not narrow the kerb-to-kerb distance.
  • Median side tree planning has been removed from the pavement area to ensure that foliage does not impact vehicle movement.
  • Some pedestrian crossing points have been removed to limit the potential for traffic congestion.


What can we expect next?

  • A ‘cross-sectional’ design of the road carriage way will be made available by mid-September.
  • A new set of artist impressions will be shared by mid-October
  • The Final Draft Avoca Framework and Main Street Plan made available by the end of October


How can I stay up to date with this project?

Please register you interest by emailing futures@pyrenees.vic.gov.au and providing your preferred contact details.

Download a PDF version of this document here(PDF, 502KB)