Understanding community sentiment

Published on 07 October 2019


The Avoca Streetscape and Framework Plan is a project aimed at guiding the growth and development of the town into the future.

The plan also seeks to activate the town centre, increase shade and seating and to continue to make the town an attractive and livable place for residents and visitors.

The community has provided their input into the draft plans; and also expressed their desire to keep the status quo of the carriageway at a recent community meeting

Council would like to acknowledge this sentiment about the proposed lane change expressed at Councillor Eason’s Community Conversation in Avoca.

More than 150 people attended the Avoca meeting to voice their opinion about the reduction of lanes proposed in the plan.

Council appreciates the level of interest in this matter and will be reviewing the direction of the project taking on board the sentiments expressed.

Council has a strong desire to help grow and foster positive development in Avoca but we acknowledge this needs to be done with the will of the community.

Council is focused on delivering its commitments to providing improved public infrastructure in Avoca.

The proposed Streetscape and Framework Plan is in its second draft stage following initial public feedback in May and June this year.