Avoca Streetscape Update

Published on 07 May 2020


Pyrenees Shire Council has commissioned a survey of under-road services to inform proposed works in High Street Avoca.

The survey will pinpoint the locations of gas, water and drainage systems, and help identify possible options for tree locations.

The Avoca Streetscape Plan includes tree planting to increase shade and amenity, which was a key finding from community consultation.

“We want to encourage locals and visitors to spend more time in Avoca, especially during the hot summer months when shade is at a premium,” CEO Jim Nolan said.

The investigation results will provide feedback on whether some elements of the Avoca Streetscape Concept Plans can be implemented. 

Outstands in the roadway are also part of the plan to reduce the crossing distance for pedestrians to cross the road. 

The Plan also has provision for an increase in car parking spaces in the central median strip.

Council has been made aware of Avoca residents verbally abusing contractors as they carried out these investigations. 

Council will not tolerate bullying and abuse in any way. 

“Abusing someone for doing their job is not accepted at any level, and we encourage community members to call out this behaviour,” Mr Nolan said.

“We continue to encourage residents to provide their opinions in a civil manner through our engagement processes, via email futures@pyrenees.vic.gov.au, telephone conversations on 1300 797 363, and when we are able to, via a face-to-face method,” he said.

Details around tree planting locations and other elements of the Plan can be viewed on Council’s website here.