Box Track Burn Off

Published on 25 November 2021

Beaufort Burn.png

A planned burn is scheduled for Box Track near Beaufort this Monday, November 29.

The planned burn by Forest Fire Management Victoria (FFMVic) is 4km southeast of Beaufort, just south of the Western Hwy. You can download a pdf about the planned burn from the link on the top left of this page or visit  

Each year, FFMVic, together with CFA and other emergency services, carry out a fuel management program in Victoria’s parks and forests to reduce the bushfire risk to communities, property and the environment. FFMVic will only ignite this planned burn when fuel moisture and weather conditions, such as humidity, temperature and wind speed have been assessed as suitable. The decision to proceed is made on the day of the burn following extensive monitoring of these conditions. Once ignited, you may see and smell smoke in the area and some local tracks may be closed. You can expect to see FFMVic crews lighting and patrolling the burn area for a number of days.
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