Great response to COVID-19 Community Survey

Published on 22 July 2020

Avoca Bullocks

Pyrenees Shire Council would like to thank the community for their response to our recent community survey.

Council was keen to hear about the impact of the pandemic and associated restrictions on the community to help inform relief and recovery plans.

An overview of the responses from the June survey:

  • According to the survey respondents, there has been a small but noticeable impact on their employment. However, official numbers from the ABS (2020) indicate there have been an estimated 256 jobs lost due to COVID-19 in the municipality.
  • The top five responses to ‘how were you mainly feeling at the height of COVID-19 restrictions?’ were: Worried (34%), Understanding (21%), Relaxed (9%), Angry (6%), Frustrated (6%).
  • The top five responses to ‘have you mainly been feeling as COVID-19 restrictions have eased?’ were: Worried (31%), Understanding (19%), Prepared (11%), Relaxed (9%), Happy (5%) tied with Frustrated (5%).
  • The top three responses to ‘what has been your biggest concern since COVID-19 restrictions have been in place?: Welfare of older/more vulnerable members of the community (19%); Uncertainty about the future (17%), Contracting COVID-19 15%.
  • The top three ‘what has been your biggest concern since COVID-19 restrictions have been relaxed?’ were: Welfare of older/more vulnerable members of the community (22%); Contracting COVID-19 (19%), Uncertainty about the future (15%). There were also nine responses (11%) in ‘Other’ indicating respondents were concerned about a ‘second wave of infections.’
  • The top three labelled responses to ‘What are you most looking forward to as COVID-19 restrictions are eased?’ were: Visiting family and friends (36%), Outdoor recreational activities resuming (17%), Attending local businesses (14%). Of the ‘Other’ responses most were in relation to resuming other community activities.
  • The top three labelled responses to ‘Have you experienced any benefits resulting from the introduction to COVID-19 restrictions?’ were Completing home/garden improvements (32%), Spending time with family (28%), Working from home (10%). Of the response in ‘Other’, nine (11%) were indicating no benefits.

The results from the survey will inform the Relief and Recovery plan which will be completed by early August and provide a framework to support Pyrenees communities and businesses return to the ‘new normal.’

Council CEO Jim Nolan said more than 80 people responded to the survey.

“The survey also offered a prize to three respondents, and this was a $100 voucher to a Pyrenees Shire business of their choice,” Mr Nolan said.

“Congratulations to Jenny Baker of Beaufort, Kim Gosling of Hillcrest and Kylie Paterson of Lexton,” he said.

The businesses chosen by the winners were the Golden Age Hotel, Skinny Sisters Café and The Snake Valley Royal Hotel.