Keep track of projects in the Pyrenees

Published on 13 October 2021


Council is making it easier for the public to stay in touch with project progress with a new web-based tool.

The Pyrenees Project Dashboard provides a snapshot view of many of the projects Council is delivering.

There are currently about 60 projects listed, which vary from road projects, bridge replacements, the Lexton Community Hub and our Gender Equality work.

CEO Jim Nolan said he hoped the dashboard will help build the community’s understanding of the project process.

“This dashboard shows each stage in the development of a project, and it will be regularly updated by staff,” Mr Nolan said.

“Guiding a project from concept to reality can often take years, especially when we have to secure funding from multiple channels,” he said.

“The dashboard helps to provide transparency to the community on how public money is spent.”

The projects are listed in alphabetical order and identify the locality (township or location) and the value of the project. The dashboard is searchable by location and project stage.

There are five icons listed next to the project; plan, design, procurement, build and finish.

The icons are coloured to identify the stage the project is at. The Symbols are either Green, Blue, Red or Grey. Green symbolises that the milestone has been completed, Blue means that the milestone is due this month, Red symbolises that the milestone is overdue. The Grey symbol symbolises milestones due in the future. If you hover the mouse over the blue, red or grey symbols the month that the milestone should be met appears.

Future functionality of the tool will include maps and links to project websites.

You can find the dashboard via

The dashboard is in use at other councils including Alpine Shire Council.