Focus on Floods

Published on 23 August 2018


PYRENEES Shire Council is preparing for a flood.

At Tuesday night’s Ordinary Meeting of Council, Councillors endorsed a Pyrenees Shire Flood Planning Project for 2018/19, incorporating townships along the Avoca River, Fiery and Emu Creeks.

Pyrenees Shire Council Mayor, David Clark, said the project would look at producing flood mapping to assist with the development of planning overlays, broadening the Municipal Flood Emergency Plan, and conducting a review of the shire’s flood warning system.

“We are working with Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authority (GHCMA), North Central Catchment Management Authority (NCCMA), VicRoads and the SES to investigate flood plans and/or drainage plans for Lexton, Waubra, Avoca, Natte Yallock and Raglan,” Cr Clark said.

“Over the last two to three months Council has engaged UTILIS Consulting to undertake preliminary flood studies, specifically for Lexton, Waubra and Raglan, and these flood studies will be extended to the other townships. GHCMA is currently conducting Mt Emu flood mapping in the upper tributaries from Trawalla to Skipton, with some focus on the channel between Mt Emu and Lake Goldsmith which was historically dug to keep water in Lake Goldsmith for drovers. The mapping they do will be a terrific asset for us.”

Cr Clark said Pyrenees Shire Council has developed two grant applications for the Natural Disaster Resilience Grants Scheme, one for Upper Avoca River in partnership with the NCCMA and the other for Raglan in partnership with the GHCMA.

“The applications, incorporating the preliminary flood studies undertaken by UTILIS will be submitted later this month and, if successful, will enable us to undertake further studies, some flood mitigation works and community engagement,” he said.

“Council recognised this important work four years ago following the 2010 and 2011 flood events and put aside $130,000 to undertake the flood studies. Information and photos from residents during the more recent 2016 flood event have confirmed and improved the accuracy of these studies.

“In the coming months we will continue to be proactive and conduct local road studies to further inform our Municipal Flood Emergency Plan.”