Krupp Gun to return to Beaufort Bicentennial Park

Published on 15 June 2022

Krupp Gun proposed locations.png

The Beaufort Returned Soldiers League (RSL) successfully obtained a grant to restore the Krupp Gun that had been located outdoors in the Beaufort Bicentennial Park for many years.

The restoration has now been completed and the RSL and Pyrenees Shire Council are working together to have the gun returned to the park for the public to enjoy.

“The RSL have done a wonderful job restoring the Krupp Gun back to its original condition. We’re looking forward to having this very rare piece of history returned to public view in the Bicentennial Park,” Pyrenees Shire Council Mayor Cr Ron Eason said.

The restoration has seen missing elements restored or replaced, including a leather seat cover. This means the gun is no longer suitable to being kept outdoors.

The keep the gun in good condition and to return it to its home at Beaufort Bicentennial Park, a shelter will be built in the park to house the gun, keeping it protected from the elements.

Council and the RSL have worked together to identify three possible sites for the shelter and the gun, with Council voting at their June meeting to auspice the building of the shelter closest to the original position of the gun along Havelock Street.

“Our officers have done a lot of research on the location for the shelter and gun and Councillors have also had a look at the proposed locations. We believe this location is best suited for the shelter and keeps the views through the park, protects the cenotaph, and keeps the heritage and amenity of the park.

“It’s a tricky balance to get – finding the right location for the public and ceremonial purposes, while ensuring that heritage conditions and public use of the park is still met,” Cr Eason said.

Council will continue to work with the Beaufort RSL on developing this site for the return of the gun and the shelter design.

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