Proposed Drought Communities Projects

Published on 04 February 2020


In 2019 Pyrenees Shire Council was invited to make applications for funding of eligible projects up to a total of $2m under the Australian Government’s Drought Communities Programme.

The Programme documentation states that funding will target infrastructure and other projects that:

  • Provide employment for people whose work opportunities have been impacted by drought
  • Stimulate local economy spending
  • Use local resources, businesses and suppliers
  • Provide a long-lasting benefit to communities and the agricultural industries on which they depend.

These projects are intended to provide an immediate economic stimulus to drought-affected communities.

At the December Ordinary Meeting, Council approved the projects identified below for applications of funding under the Drought Communities Programme.

  1. Water supply infrastructure; renew and improve pumps, bores, standpipes and related assets for emergency and stock and domestic (S&D) supply across the Shire, including at Beaufort Golf Club
  2. Construction and upgrade of existing footpaths to a higher standard at locations across the Shire
  3. Renewal of Community Hall infrastructure and minor improvements incentive scheme at locations across the Shire
  4. Tree planting program for street trees in various townships Shire wide
  5. Recreational facilities improvement program for the upgrade and renewal of recreation and sporting assets at locations across the Shire
  6. Improve access and amenity at caravan parks and RV facilities including Beaufort, Avoca and Landsborough
  7. Place making in small towns; landscaping, tree planting, public seating, signage and other minor amenity improvements to implement priority works identified in the Pyrenees Futures Plans at locations including Snake Valley, Waubra and Lexton
  8. Linear Park landscaping, paths, etc. in addition to the skate park at Snake Valley
  9. Lake and Linear parklands, paths, tree planting, landscaping and amenity improvements at Beaufort

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Subject to applications being made and approved by the Commonwealth, works will be undertaken and required to be completed by December 2020.