Enticing people to stop, engage and spend

Published on 10 June 2021


Council is on the cusp of installing a new video projector in Beaufort’s Neill Street as part of the Outdoor Eating and Entertainment Package.

The project involves activating a laneway between Neill and Willoby streets, through the display of imagery and film that celebrates the Pyrenees.

Outdoor seating will be provided to encourage people to stop and enjoy the footage, which will be projected on to a purpose-built screen.

Pyrenees Projections will invite participation from a number of community organisations including historical societies, art groups, schools, and business associations, from across the municipality.

“We are looking forward to using the projector to showcase what the Pyrenees community has to offer in terms of culture, heritage, events, places to visit - and of course art,” CEO Jim Nolan said.

“It is hoped this thoroughfare will become a hive of activity, as people stop in Beaufort, grab a cuppa or a snack and take a wander,” he said.

Pyrenees Projections is about engaging the public to stop and spend their time and money in our Shire.  We also hope it will become a point of pride for the community, seeing what unique and wonderful things make the Pyrenees such an attractive place to live, work and visit.”

Pyrenees Arts Council President Heather Featherston said the PAC was definitely excited and interested in any project that promoted our town and shire.

“If this concept encourages tourists to stay a little longer and see what we offer in our town then it can only be a good thing,” Mrs Featherston said.

The projector will offer visual displays initially, with capacity in the future to include sound.

The Neill Street location was chosen because of the high volume of traffic that travels through Beaufort. The Department of Transport 2020 figures show an average of 7700 vehicles per day on Neill Street, making it the most used road within the Shire.

The State Government’s Outdoor Eating and Entertainment Package provided Councils across Victoria with funding to make widespread outdoor dining safe and practical with ‘innovation, ideas and creativity’.

Council has already funded café barriers, umbrellas, planter boxes and temporary all-weather dining spaces across the Shire under this package.