Recycling News

Published on 21 February 2019


Pyrenees Shire Council has been notified by SKM Recycling that it has temporarily closed its Geelong facility, effective 5pm Wednesday 20 February.

Last week, EPA Victoria issued the SKM sites in Laverton and Coolaroo with a notice to stop accepting materials due to non-compliance with stockpile regulations. With plastic recyclables at the Geelong location unable to be relocated to SKM Laverton for processing, the Geelong site has reached its maximum storage capability.

Kerbside waste and recycling collection will continue in the Pyrenees Shire Council as normal with recyclable materials sent to landfill until the contracted service with SKM Recycling returns to normal operation.

Council has been advised that recycling at SKM Geelong will resume within the coming weeks.

Council encourages all residents to continue to sort their waste and recycling collection, and where possible, to reduce overall waste. If your recycle bin is not full we do suggest holding on to it over the coming weeks or until the service returns to normal.

Alternatively, in the short term, residents may take their recycling to one of our transfer stations at Beaufort, Avoca, Snake Valley or Landsborough where it will be held onto until the SKM facility resumes operation.

While most collection trucks will continue to separate recycling and waste, at times it will be necessary for trucks on some routes to collect waste and recycling at the same time to avoid service disruption.

Council will keep residents updated on the status of waste collection in the Pyrenees Shire and, when notified, the status of SKM Recycling operation in Geelong.