Recycling News

Published on 10 July 2019


Pyrenees Shire residents have been able to deposit recyclables at transfer stations at no cost for many years.

The market for Australia’s recyclables collapsed in 2018, and many councils faced increased costs and difficulty finding processors to accept their municipality’s output.

Council now has to pay the increasing costs to process recyclables from the Pyrenees, and Council has unfortunately had to make the decision to pass these costs on to ratepayers.

Ratepayers will be able to use their transfer station vouchers for recycling as well as for depositing waste at Pyrenees transfer stations.
Without vouchers, the cost to deposit recyclables at transfer stations is half of the cost to deposit general waste.

These changes will come into effect form 1 October 2019 after residents receive their yearly allocation of transfer station vouchers with their rate notices.

This system also helps to discourage residents who live outside the shire from depositing at Pyrenees transfer stations where the cost of doing so is subsidized by Pyrenees ratepayers.

Council would like to see residents’ good recycling habits continue into the future. We will continue to ensure we are working with our waste contractors on getting the best outcome for Pyrenees residents.