Plan Gives Avoca a Strong Heart

Published on 17 April 2019

Avoca Wine Barells.jpg

AN EXCITING new draft framework and town centre streetscape plan for Avoca will soon be on display.

At last night’s Ordinary Meeting of Council, Councillors endorsed the concept plan to go out on public display during May. The plan delivers vital planning reforms which draw upon Avoca’s unique character.

Pyrenees Shire Council Mayor, Robert Vance, said the plan responds to community feedback about the need for shade, seating, traffic and pedestrian safety, surface improvements and promoting a distinct sense of place.

“The focus of the plan is on reforming High Street as a place for people to gather, connect and foster community spirit. It gives Avoca a strong heart, as well as providing stronger and more constructive planning policies to open up responsible opportunities for growth that contribute to the town’s character,” Cr Vance said.

“The plan references Avoca’s history and distinctive character and the streetscape component is a ten-year vision for staged improvements to the town centre.”

Cr Vance said the plan was developed after extensive community feedback through the Pyrenees Futures Avoca Project about planning policies, fostering growth, traffic safety and town centre amenity.

“This plan is a catalyst for attracting significant investments in Avoca’s future. It has delivered vital planning reforms that open up opportunities for innovation and growth, and it seeks to build on what already makes Avoca special.”

The draft plan will be unveiled in May, with more details to come on how you can have your say. The plan will also be accessible on our website at