Scam warning

Published on 04 May 2022

Pyrenees Shire Council has received at least one report of a suspected scam telephone call. There are reports of similar calls in the City of Ballarat Council area - read more on their website Contact us | City of Ballarat

The scammer reportedly claims to be calling from 'your council' and asks for information about you. 

Please note that Council commissions a satisfaction survey once a year, and the company National Field Services carries out this work. They should identify themselves, and if they do not, please hang up.

Please do not give out important information if you are unsure of the origin of the call. You can always take the name of the person calling, hang up and then call Council on 1300 797 363 or 03 5349 1100 and ask for that officer if you are unsure. 

Council might call you from time to time, but officers will identify themselves and the department they are calling from. 

If you wish to report a scam attempt, you can do so by visiting Report a scam | Scamwatch


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