Snake Valley fire hazard removal trial

Published on 05 February 2019

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Pyrenees Shire Council has partnered with the CFA’s Safer Together Program to remove fire hazards in the Snake Valley township area to provide an increased level of fire protection.

Council initiated an application and was successful in receiving a grant of $6600 to remove fire hazards along the creek running through the centre of the Snake Valley township.

Relevant stakeholders have met to discuss the project including Council, CFA (management & local), DELWP, landowners, landcare & Mag Dam representatives.

The program is being run as a trial and stakeholders have prioritised three properties south of the township which are heavily infested with gorse, broom, hawthorn, spiny rush & blackberries.

It is considered the hazardous creek line could act as a conduit and carry fire into the more heavily populated township & primary school area.

There was a number of treatment options considered however it was determined the most suitable was mulching.  Mulching reduces the fire hazard to ground level with very little residue remaining, the fire hazard is removed and there is no unsightly mounds or residue left behind.

The participating landowners have agreed to undertake a follow up spraying program to ensure the weeds do not recolonise the site.

The program will commence in the coming months when weather conditions are considered favourable.

If the trial is successful there may be opportunities to expand the program to other sites to make the township of Snake Valley a safer place.

Council Contact: Terry McAliece, Environment & Sustainability Officer, 53491100


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