Vision, Mission and Objectives


Council's Vision is: 

We want the Pyrenees Shire to be a healthy, vibrant, prosperous and connected community.



Council's Mission is:

The role Pyrenees Shire Council will take to achieve this vision is to:

  • Provide quality road and built infrastructure for the community
  • Work with others to provide services to maintain the wellbeing of the community, and
  • Operate an efficient, forward looking organisation.


Strategic Objectives

Council’s Strategic Objectives for 2017 - 2021 are:

1. Leadership
We will provide community leadership and advocacy to ensure financially sustainability and improve the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of the Pyrenees Shire.

2. Community
We will provide safe, functional and well utilised assets and services, to enhance the quality of life of residents and promote connected, active and resilient communities.

3. Roads
We will maintain a safe and effective road system that caters for all road users within the Shire.

4. Commerce
We will develop the local economy and increase the population of the Pyrenees Shire.

5. Environment
We will show effective leadership in the management of the natural and built environments.

Council regularly updates the Council Plan, with the latest update adopted by Council in June 2018.

(PDF, 5MB)Read the revised Council Plan 2017-2021 here(PDF, 2MB)