Victorian Seniors Festival 2022

Victorian Seniors Festival 2022 - Connecting Community through Art & Storytelling

Spring is a time of hope. This is an opportunity to use your creative and artistic talents to showcase a senior person in the community and your group. We will provide a life size standee which you are asked to decorate and reflect the person’s story.

Let your imagination go and bring the cardboard standee to life.  Whether it be photography, water colours, acrylic paint, stickers, glue, pencils, paints, beads, buttons, old costume jewellery, paper, ribbons, collage, lace, ties, old clothing, hats, glasses, chalk, charcoal, pastels, graphite pencils, ink, cotton wool, second-hand clothing, accessories, decoupage, duct tape, and don’t forget to upcycle any materials that you may have on hand.

What to do & how to get involved:

1. First thing, call Pyrenees Community Care (on 1300 797 363) and let us know you are interested. We need to know as soon as possible so we can organise your life-sized cardboard standee to be sent out to you. Please advise if you would like a Male or Female standee.

2. Pick a senior person from your community.

3. Interview the person and get their story. All the milestones of their life, memorable moments, sad times, happy times, achievements etc. Type up an A4 page highlighting their story. Please put your groups name on the back of the A4 sheet as we will laminate and attach for all to see. We will attach this to the life size cut out for others to read when displayed at the Seniors Carnival on the 29th of October.

4. Once you have the person’s story, you are ready to decorate the life-sized cardboard standee.

5. Once completed, we will need to return your life size cut out along with the A4 printout of the person’s story to the Shire Office located at 5 Lawrence Street in Beaufort by Monday 17th October. If you are unable to drop off your cut out, please contact the office as we can arrange pick up if required.