Bulk Buying Solar in the Pyrenees Shire: Beaufort Info Session


Pyrenees Shire is partnering with MASH (More Australian Solar Homes), a program run by the not-for-profit Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance that allows homeowners to easily access high quality and competitively priced solar power systems and batteries. For those who are interested, there is an information session planned for the bulk buy scheme this year. This session was originally scheduled to be held on 17 February but has been rescheduled due to the last lockdown. It will now be held in Beaufort on Wednesday 3 March between 6pm and 7.30pm at the function room at the Goldfields Recreation Reserve, 39 Park Rd, Beaufort. You can find solar pricing and links to previously recorded online information sessions at https://mash.org.au/pyrenees. You can book your place at the information session here.


  • Wednesday, 03 March 2021 | 06:00 PM - 07:30 PM


Beeripmo Centre, 1 Lawrence St, Beaufort 3373  View Map

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