Proposed Road Name Change: Mountain View Road (west bound section)

Pyrenees Shire Council is seeking feedback on the proposal to rename the west bound portion of Mountain View Road to Goddard Lane.


The Pyrenees Shire Council has resolved at Council’s ordinary meeting held on 21st July 2020, to advertise the following naming amendment for public comment:

Proposed Road Name

Goddard Lane

Previous Name

Mountain View Road (west bound section)


The recent extension of Mountain View Road to the north has resulted in the need to rename an existing west bound portion of Mountain View Road to remove confusion with property addresses.




Mountain View Road is a rural country road, located north of Moonambel-Natte Yallock Road in Moonambel. The norther extension of Mountain View Road provides access to two properties and the west bound portion of the road provides access to three properties.



The name, Goddard Lane, honours an early settler, E. Goddard, who in 1875 purchased a parcel of land near the southern end of Mountain View Road and meets category 1 of the ‘Principles on Road Naming’ Policy. The road type Lane meets the standard in describing a cul-de-sac and the name is unique in the 30 kilometre buffer zone around this location.

The decision to rename the road has been made based on:

  • Conforming comply with Naming rules for places in Victoria – Statutory requirements for naming roads, features and localities – 2016.

  • Addressing the inconveniences residents have endured with several rural residential properties on the road.


Council invites you to forward a submission regarding the proposed amendment to the renaming of this section of road.

Submissions need to be received Friday 19 April 2021. Send them to:



The Chief Executive Officer

Pyrenees Shire Council

5 Lawrence Street

BEAUFORT   VIC   3373.


Attn: The Chief Executive Officer

Ref: NP36