Proposed road name change - Landsborough Road

Update, 1 August 2023:  

The Landsborough Road renaming consultation period has ended. We have had no objections to the proposed name of Amarant Road. This proposal will go to Council’s meeting on 16 August 2023 for adoption. 


Pyrenees Shire Council is proposing to rename a road at Landsborough.

The road is currently named Landsborough Road and it runs between Ararat-St Arnaud Road and Stawell-Avoca Road.

 lanndsborough rd.png


Reason for renaming

This renaming is needed because there is another Landsborough Road between Landsborough and Stawell, only 1km away. This could mean possible address duplication, causing location issues and possible delays for emergency and other services, as well as being the general public.

Analysis identified that renaming the section of Landsborough Road between Ararat-St Arnaud Road and the Stawell-Avoca Road would have the least impact, as none of the residents along this section use their residential address as their postal address. Any properties with a street number will retain that number (just change the road name) and all properties along this section will be numbered.


Submissions and timeframes 

Anyone can submit a proposal for road renaming, provided it meets the Naming Rules for Places (2022).

Submissions for renaming the road specified above closed on 26 May 2023 (see below). Further input is being sought from affected community members and possibly an Indigenous organisation to refine the list. The final decision will then be made by Council. It is expected at this stage that notifications of address changes would go out later in 2023.


Submission received - Amarant Road

Council is proposing to name the above red highlighted section of road as Amarant Road. The consultation process, set out in the Naming Rules for Places (2022), requires that owners of properties in the immediate area are notified and can object.

As per the above naming rules, a unique name is required for clear identification of the road and to facilitate Rural addressing of properties along this road. Landsborough Road is currently a duplicated name and may cause issues with Emergency Service response times.

The proposed name has been submitted to Council with detailed supporting documentation, a summary of which is below.


Amarant family of Wattle Creek from research compiled by BRETT LESLlE from LANDSBOROUGH & DISTRICT HISTORICAL GROUP

Manoel D'Azevedo de Sousa Amarante (1328-1906) emigrated from The Azores, a group of small islands situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, to Australia in 1853. He arrived aboard the schooner 'Woter Lily, as part of a 'Gold Expedition'. Manoel could read and write but his command of English was questionable. lt is unknown as to where Manoel went immediately upon his arrival in the colony however by 1862 he was mining at Barkly… The first mention of him being in Landsborough was in 'Landsborough Times’, October 1868 advertising that he partnered with William Jeffery to construct a quartz crushing machine. It might just be mentioned here that the original spelling of Amarant as used today by the family, was 'Amarante'. Over the years is has been spelt various ways including 'Amaranth' and 'Amaranthe'

On 28 November 1871, some 18 years after arriving in Australia, Manoel sought naturalisation and became a British subject. Perhaps this was necessary to be eligible to be a land selector. On 13th July 1873 Manoel Amarant and Mary O'Connor were married in the home of Andrew McNamara by John Hogan, a Roman Catholic clergyman…………Manoel and Mary selected approximately 700 acres and settled in Wattle Creek where Manoel continued to operate a quartz crusher and farm, Manoel and Mary's eleven children were all born in Landsborough over a twenty year period from 1874-1894.

There are many descendants of Manoel and Mary living in the surrounding districts, especially Stawell and Ararat. The Amarant family are related to other families in Landsborough District including Falvey, Lennon, Mulcahy, Hogan, French, Hanley, Devery, Start, and Vance.

This includes fourth generation descendants still occupying the family home in Wattle Creek.


Impacts of the proposed name change: -

  1. Any property that has its entrance from this road will have its address changed to reflect that in line with the Australian Standard AS4819 Standards for Rural and Urban Addressing.
  2. Road Name will be updated in Council and state government databases.


Have your say on the proposed name change to Amarant Road

If you support the name Amarant Road for this road, you do not need to do anything.

If you require further information - contact our office or

If you object to the name Amarant Road for this road, please contact Council with your reason for the objection by 25 July 2023, either by emailing with “Amarant Road Objection” as your reference OR post your response to Pyrenees Shire, 5 Lawrence Street, Beaufort Vic 3373.