Flood recovery newsletter

Flood Recovery Newsletter

The Flood Recovery Newsletter is designed to keep the Pyrenees community up to date with the latest information and support to help recover from the flood events. We know the impacts can be felt for quite some time after natural disasters, and we hope this newsletter can go some way to help make the recovery process easier by providing access to quality information.

You can download the lateset newsletters below. They are also available in hard copy at the Council Office and Resource Centre in Beaufort, and the Avoca Information and Community Centre.

We believe strongly that communication should be two-way, and Council is encouraging residents to provide input and feedback by contacting the Recovery Team on 1300 797 363.

Flood recovery newsletter-Oct-Nov-Dec-2023(PDF, 3MB)

Flood recovery newsletter September 2023(PDF, 2MB)

Flood recovery newsletter 8 July 2023(PDF, 1MB)

Flood recovery newsletter 12 May 2023(PDF, 2MB)

Flood recovery newsletter 14 April 2023(PDF, 794KB)

Flood recovery newsletter 17 March 2023(PDF, 1MB)

Flood recovery newsletter 24 February 2023(PDF, 2MB)

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