Repairs to infrastructure in the Pyrenees Shire

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Updated 6 March 2023

More than $7M worth of repairs to flood-damaged infrastructure has so far been identified throughout the Pyrenees Shire, and the list is continuing to grow as further inspections and estimates are completed.

Repairs are being prioritised based on the severity of the damage and the amount of traffic that uses the road. Examples of the severe road damage can be viewed in our image gallery below.

The flood-damaged locations included in the initial request for approval are for pavement repairs on sealed roads. This should enable timely repairs to be completed for these higher trafficked roads and adjacent locations.

Pavement Repairs are scheduled to be undertaken on:

  • Lexton Ararat Road
  • Landsborough Elmhurst Road
  • Moonambel Natte Yallock Road
  • Beaufort-Waubra Road
  • Waubra-Talbot Road
  • Homebush Road
  • Park Road
  • Raglan-Elmhurst Road
  • Nunns Road
  • Back Amphitheatre Road
  • Beaufort-Carngham Road
  • Barkly-Navarre Road
  • Landsborough-Stawell Road
  • Frenchmans-Navarre Road


The second request for approval has been primarily for repairs to dangerous rutting on shoulders on the following sealed roads.  As vehicles travel at higher speeds on these roads and the seal is narrow, moving to the edge to pass another vehicle is problematic.

  • Beaufort Waubra Road
  • Stud Farm Road
  • Old Shirley Road
  • Livingstone Street
  • Robertson Street
  • Barkly Navarre Road
  • Redbank Natte Yallock Road


Pyrenees Shire is currently seeking approval to undertake more complex pavement and bridge repairs on the following roads:

  • Vite Vite Road
  • Back Cemetery Road
  • Greenhill Creek Road
  • Mount Emu Settlement
  • Mortchup Mount Emu Road
  • Back Waterloo Road
  • Lucardies Road
  • Raglan Elmhurst Road
  • Beaufort Carngham Road
  • Susans Lane


Replacement of pavement material and grading of gravel roads will commence when there is further light rainfall to assist the process.

We thank you for your patience. Please drive carefully and follow signs while these repairs take place.