Repairs to infrastructure in the Pyrenees Shire

2022.10.07 - Lexton YalongF1-1.jpg

Updated 7 February 2024

Repair work is underway on the $7M+ worth of work required to repair Council owned infrastructure such as road and culverts.  There has also been a number of community assets affected by the flood such as the Avoca Recreation Reserve, Men's Shed (Avoca & Beaufort), Beaufort Scout/Guide Hall, parks in Avoca, Lexton and Beaufort.

Council is required to submit applications to the State Government for funding approval to fix the infrastructure.  Works have been prioritised based on the severity of the damage and the amount of traffic that uses the road.  We know there are many roads in the Pyrenees that need repairing and we thank you, the community, for your patience. Please drive carefully and follow signs while repairs take place.

Below is information on where works are happening and what works will be coming up.

Please note that the following roads are the responsibility of Regional Roads Victoria (was VicRoads) to repair.  

  • Western Highway   
  • Beaufort Lexton Road  
  • Lexton Talbot Road  
  • Sunraysia Highway
  • Pyrenees Highway  
  • Stawell Avoca Road
  • Ararat St Arnaud Road  
  • Maryborough St Arnaud Road
  • Skipton Road 
  • Glenelg Highway
  • Smythesdale Snake Valley Road 


Completed Works (before and after photos)

Moonambel Natte Yallock Road in Natte Yallock

2024.02.05-Moonambel-Natte-Road-before.jpg  2024.02.05-Moonambel-Natte-Road-completed.jpg

Avoca Lions Park

Avoca-Lions-Park-Wall-before.png   Screenshot-2023-12-20-082742.png  

2022.10.18-Lions-Park-Avoca-Table-30-before.jpeg  Avoca-Lions-Park-Table-after.jpeg

Avoca Skate Park

2023.11.21-Avoca-Skate-Park-before.jpg  Screenshot-2023-12-20-082639.png  

Beaufort Scout/Guide Hall

Beaufort-Scout-Guide-Hall-Air-Cons.jpg  2023.12.12-Beaufort-Scout.Guide-Hall.jpg

Repair scours on Pittong Snake Valley Road, Snake Valley

2023.11.23-Pittong-Snake-Valley-Rd-Snake-Valley-before.jpeg  2023.11.23-Pittong-Snake-Valley-Road-Snake-Valley-after.jpeg

Repair scours on Ellis Road, Beaufort

2023.11.27-Ellis-Road-Beaufort-before.jpeg  2023.11.27-Ellis-Road-Beaufort-after.jpeg

Repair scours and potholes on Cheesemans Road, Beaufort

2023.11.21-Cheesemans-Road-Beaufort-before.jpeg  2023.11.21-Cheesemans-Road-Beaufort-after.jpeg

Footbridge - Mountain Creek Road, Moonambel

Footbridge-Mountain-Creek-Rd-Moonambel-before.jpeg  Footbridge-Mountain-Creek-Rd-Moonambel-after.jpeg

Culvert works on Cains Road, Natte Yallock

2023.08.03-Cains-Road-Natte-Yallock-culvert-before.jpeg 2023.08.03-Cains-Road-Natte-Yallock-culvert-after.jpeg

Road works on Easter Brooks Lane, Elmhurst

2023.07.29-Easter-Brooks-Lane-Elmhurst-before.jpeg  2023.07.29-Easter-Brooks-Lane-Elmhurst-after.jpeg

Road works on North South Road, Chepstowe

2023.06.28-North-South-Road-Chepstowe-beifore.jpeg  2023.06.28-North-South-Road-Chepstowe-after.jpeg

Road works on Reservoir Road, Smythesdale

2023.08.03-Reservoir-Rd-Smythesdale-before.jpeg  2023.08.03-Reservoir-Rd-Smythesdale-after.jpeg

Gravel road works on School Road, Waterloo

2023.07.03-School-Road-Waterloo-before.jpg  2023.07.03-School-Road-Waterloo-after.jpg

Finch Lane, Waterloo

2023.07.06-Finch-Lane-Waterloo-Before.jpg  2023.07.06-Finch-Lane-Waterloo-After.jpg

Clean up and repair of Avoca Men's Shed

2022.10.18-Avoca-Mens-Shed-18.jpg  2022.10.18-Avoca-Mens-Shed-22.jpg

2023.06.20-Avoca-Mens-Shed.jpg  2023.06.20-Avoca-Mens-Shed1.jpg


Major culvert works on Old Shirley Road, Beaufort

2023.06.17-Old-Shirley-Rd-Culvert-before-2.jpeg  2023.06.17-Old-Shirley-Rd-Culvert-before-1.jpeg

2023.06.17-Old-Shirley-Rd-Culvert-Complete.jpeg  2023.06.17-Old-Shirley-Rd-Culvert-Complete1.jpeg

Shoulder works on Old Shirley Road, Beaufort

2023.05.26-Old-Shirley-Rd-before.jpeg  2023.05.26-Old-Shirley-Rd-completed.jpeg  

Major culvert on High Street, Redbank

2023.06.02-High-St-Redbank-before1.jpeg  2023.06.02-High-St-Redbank-completed.jpeg

Damaged gravel on Barkly Navarre Road

Barkly-Navarre-Road-damaged-gravel-before1.jpeg  2023.05.24-Barkly-Navarre-Road-damaged-gravel-complete.jpeg

Shoulder work on Beaufort-Waubra Road 

Beaufort-Waubra-Rd-Waubra-before1.jpeg  2023.05.16-Beaufort-Waubra-Road-completed_1.jpeg

Shoulder work on Ralstons Lane in Waubra (cnr Beaufort Waubra Rd)

Ralsons-La-Waubra-before1.jpeg   2023.05.08-Ralstons-Lane-Waubra-completed_1.jpeg

Pavement works over the Trawalla Creek culvert on Back Waterloo Road

2023.05.18-Back-Waterloo-Road-damaged.jpg  2023.5.18-Back-Waterloo-Road-completed.jpg

Clean-up work on Greenhill Creek Road bridge in Amphitheatre is complete. 
The bridge approach work is currently being designed.

Greenhill-Creek-Rd-Amphi-before1.jpeg  Greenhill-Creek-Rd-Amphi-after1.jpeg

Shoulder work on Stud Farm Road in Waubra

Stud-Farm-Rd-Waubra-before1.jpeg  Stud-Farm-Rd-Waubra-after1.jpeg


Infrastructure listed for flood recovery repairs

Below is the list of required infrastructure repairs that have been submitted to the government for funding approval.  This list will be added to as works are scheduled and approval sought.  Works may have already been completed.

Pavement repairs (submitted for approval)

- Lexton-Ararat Road - Landsborough-Elmhurst Road
- Moonambel-Natte Yallock Road                      - Beaufort-Waubra Road
- Waubra-Talbot Road - Homebush Road
- Park Road (Beaufort) - Raglan-Elmhurst Road
- Nunns Road (Snake Valley) - Back Amphitheatre Road
- Beaufort-Carngham Road - Barkly-Navarre Road
- Landsborough-Stawell Road - Frenchmans-Navarre Road


Rutting of shoulders on sealed roads (submitted for approval)

- Beaufort-Waubra Road  - Stud Farm Road (Waubra)
- Old Shirley Road (Beaufort) - Robertson Street (Lexton)
- Barkly-Navarre Road - Redbank-Natte Yallock Road
- Livingstone Street (Beaufort)                           

Complex pavement and bridge repairs (submitted for approval)

- Vite Vite Road (Skipton) - Back Cemetery Road (Carngham) 
- Greenhill Creek Road (Lexton) - Mount Emu-Settlement Road
- Mortchup-Mount Emu Road                            - Back Waterloo Road
- Lucardies Road (Raglan) - Raglan-Elmhurst Road
- Beaufort-Carngham Road - Susans Lane (Redbank)
- Leslie Lane (Landsborough)  


Gravel road repairs (submitted for approval)

- Old Shirley Road (Beaufort)  - Perry's Road (Redbank) 
- Pimms Road (Redbank) - Stony Crossing Road (Redbank)
- High Street (Redbank) - Hillcrest Road (Hillcrest)
- Tannery Road (Snake Valley) - Reservoir Road (Snake Valley)
- Chepstowe Pittong Road - School Road (Waterloo)
- Musical Gully Road (Waterloo) - Gallaghers Road (Waubra)
- North South Road (Chepstowe)                       


Bridges, floodways and culvert repairs (submitted for approval)

- Long Gully Road (Natte Yallock)                     - Horwills Lane (Natte Yallock)
- Spring Creek Road (Nowhere Creek) - Isles Lane (Glenlofty)
- Elmhurst Glenpatrick Road - Holding Lane (Glenpatrick)
- Cemetery Road (Redbank) - Moonambel-Natte Yallock Road
- Greens Lane (Moonambel) - Moores Road (Elmhurst)
- Stawell-Avoca Road - Moonambel-Warrenmang Road
- Number One Creek Road (Avoca) - Lever Track (Percydale)
- Ackers Lane (Glenpatrick) - Hillman Road (Middle Creek)
- Wiltshires Lane (Elmhurst) - Elmhurst-Glenpatrick Road
- Keams Lane (Elmhurst) - Wardlaws Lane (Avoca)
- Old Number Two Creek Road (Avoca) - Waterfall Track (Percydale)
- Vinoca Road (Percydale) - Andersons Lane (Avoca)
- Percydale Road - Old Coach Road (Percydale)


Unsealed roads and culvert repairs (submitted for approval)

- Horwills Lane (Natte Yallock) - Wild Grape Road (Redbank)
- Potters Road (Redbank) - Loaders Road (Ercildoune)
- Spring Creek Road (Nowhere Creek) - V Waldrons Road (Raglan)
- Coxs Road (Buangor) - Lucardies Road (Raglan)
- Listons Road (Raglan) - Isles Lane (Glenlofty)
- C Waldrons Road (Middle Creek) - Cains Road (Natte Yallock)
- Easter Brooks Lane (Elmhurst) - Moores Road (Elmhurst)
- Wiltshires Lane (Elmhurst) - Nowhere Creek Road (Nowhere Creek)
- Elmhurst-Glenpatrick Road - Pownceby Lane (Glenpatrick)
- Gleisner Lane (Glenpatrick) - Holding Lane (Glenpatrick)
- Cemetery Road (Moonambel)  - Back Cemetery Road (Moonambel)
- Moonambel-Natte Yallock Road                      - Greens Lane (Moonambel)
- Black Mares Lane (Moonambel) - Woods Street (Moonambel)
- Moonambel-Warrenmang Road - Wild Dog Track (Moonambel)
- Morris Lane (Moonambel) - Mugsies Lane (Moonambel)
- Finch Lane (Waterloo) - Wayside Lane (Waterloo)


Road and bridge repairs (submitted for approval)

- North South Road (Chepstowe)                       - Finch Lane (Waterloo)
- Wayside Lane (Waterloo) - Musical Gully Road (Waterloo)
- Potters Road (Redbank) - Wild Grape Road (Redbank)
- Gallaghers Road (Evansford) - Cemetery Road (Redbank)
- Landsborough Elmhurst Road (Glenlofty) - Barkly Navarre Road (Wattle Creek)
- Waubra Talbot Road (Evansford) - Homebush Road (Rathscar)
- Moonambel Natte Yallock Road (Natte Yallock)  - Back Amphitheatre Road (Amphitheatre)
- Park Road (Beaufort) - Beaufort Waubra Road (Ercildoune)
- Horwills Lane (Natte Yallock) - Long Gully Road (Natte Yallock)


Examples of the severe road damage can be viewed in our image gallery below.