Open Air Burning

This page provides information about open air burning in the Pyrenees when we are NOT in the Fire Danger Period. The Fire Danger Period in Pyrenees is usually declared in November and is in place until April or May the following year. This year, the Fire Danger Period started on Monday, December 13, 2021.

Please ensure you are aware of any permit requirements of the Pyrenees Shire General Local Law 2019 before burning off. In considering an application for a permit for open air burning, Council must have regard to the impacts on amenity and adjoining land uses.

Council can be contacted on 1300 797 363 or during normal business hours. 

Remember if you are permitted to burn off on your property, ALWAYS register your burn off by calling: 1800 668 511 (VicFire).

You can read the local law here. The following is an excerpt.


(1) A person must not, without a permit, burn or cause or allow to burn any material in the open air.

(2) Subclause (1) does not apply to:
     (a) land in the Rural Living, Rural Conservation and Farming Zones where the location of the fire is not less than 100 metres from land not in the same ownership unless: i. the material being burnt is a windrow/heap larger than 3m2 or crop stubble;
     (b) barbeque, pizza oven or other properly constructed appliance while it is being used for cooking food;
     (c) fire in a chimenea, fire pit or other similar and properly constructed appliance while being used for heating; 15

(3) Nothing in subclause (1) and (2) permits a person to light a fire or allow a fire to continue to burn during a Fire Danger Period unless otherwise permitted by the Country Fire Authority.

(4) A person responsible for burning or lighting a fire on any land in the open air must ensure that:
     (a) it does not offend or cause a nuisance to another person in the vicinity or beyond the property boundary; and
     (b) Country Fire Authority have been notified.

(5) A person who has lit or allowed a fire to remain alight contrary to the provisions in this section or any condition contained in a permit must extinguish the fire immediately on being directed to do so by:
     (a) an Authorised Officer; or
     (b) a member of Victoria Police or the Country Fire Authority.

In determining whether to issue a permit, Council will require a minimum 100m setback from any neighbouring properties and will consider the volume of the material being burnt.

Infringement Notice: 3 penalty units Court penalty: 15 penalty units