FAQ Regarding Current Changes for Issuing Building Permits

Due to changes in Council’s Building Department, Council will be unable to issue new building permits (other than applications already lodged) until further notice, and accordingly will not be accepting new building permit applications. Currently lodged applications will continue to be processed and permits issued in the normal manner.

New applicants will need to utilise the services of private building surveyors who are registered to issue building permits. For the benefit of prospective building permit applicants, a list of appropriately qualified local and regional Building Surveyors is available on Council’s website (below) or on request at the municipal offices at 5 Lawrence Street, Beaufort.

Council’s Building Department continues to operate and provide advice and assistance as usual. For further information or guidance, the Department can be contacted on 1300 PYRENEES (1300 797 363).


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will a private building surveyor’s fees be higher than those set by Council?

Council’s building permit fees are based on cost-recovery principles and set accordingly. Although individual private building surveyors set their own fees, there is a general alignment between Council and private building fees.

2. Can Council recommend a preferred private building surveyor?
Due to probity and fairness considerations, Council cannot recommend an individual building surveyor. It is suggested however that quotations be sought from a number of building surveyors as fees and availability may vary.

3. Will Council resume issuing building permits in the future?
Council may resume issuing permits, but this will be dependent on either the recruitment of a permanent building surveyor or reaching an arrangement with an adjoining municipality regarding shared resources. 

4. What if my permit has already been issued?
Council’s Building Inspector will continue to undertake mandatory inspections and our Municipal Building Surveyor will be able to sign off your permit once the building works are completed satisfactorily.

Last updated 23/10/2019