PA23108 - Use and development of the land for animal husbandry

The Responsible Authority cannot make a decision before the advertising completion date on the 22/12/2023.

  • Application numberPA23108
  • ProposalUse and development of the land for animal husbandry
  • CategoryDevelopment Applications
  • StatusPending

Lot 2 on Plan of Subdivision 098633 (Vol: 05149, Fol: 653), 13 Canico Lane, Hillcrest 3351  View Map

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Advertising Completion Date: 08/02/2024

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The application form to make a submission can be found here.

 Information about making an objection/submission

Any person who is affected by land uses or developments proposed in a planning application may object or make other submissions to the Responsible Authority.

A submission must: 

  • Be sent to the Responsible Authority in writing
  • Provide reasons for the submission 
  • State how the submitter would be affected.

Should you have any queries in relation to any of the planning permit applications currently on advertising, please contact the Planning Department on (03) 5349 1100 or you can email Attn: Planning