Avoca Inclusive Playspace

  • Project typeNew playground
  • Project value$312,000
  • Project scheduleCouncil is expecting to carry out handover and safety inspections in the coming weeks and we are planning for a mid-May opening.
  • Contractor nameS.H.A.E Enterprises
  • Completion Date01 May 2021
avoca play space

The Avoca Inclusive Playspace is designed to create a safe, inclusive space for children and parents to spend time in, regardless of abilities. It will provide an extra space where Avoca children can play as well as provide another reason for travelling families to stop in Avoca.

The playspace is located on the median strip of the main street of Avoca (High St), conveniently next to an existing barbeque and picnic shelter. The playground will have a child-proof safety fence around the outside to make sure children can’t wander onto the road. In parallel to the building of the playspace, there are also pedestrian upgrades being made to High St, with new pedestrian crossings being added, the road surface upgraded and new lines marked. Once these works have been completed the speed limit will drop from 60km/h to 50km/h, further enhancing pedestrian safety.

The playspace in Avoca is nearing completion, with finishing touches being carried out including:

  • Installation of remaining play equipment,
  • Planting and gardening,
  • Installation of synthetic turf, and
  • Remaining panels of fence installed. 

This project was funded by Sport and Recreation Victoria’s Community Sports Infrastructure Fund ($208,000), Pyrenees Shire Council ($74,000), and the Community Bank Avoca, Maryborough and St Arnaud ($30,000).


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