Avoca Streetscape Improvement

  • Project typeRoad and streetscape improvements
  • Project valueSee project summary below
  • Project scheduleCompleted
  • Contractor nameMultiple contractors
  • Completion Date30 September 2021
Avoca Streetscape Improvements.JPG

The Avoca Streetscape Improvement is the second of three elements that fall under the umbrella of a larger project, Activate Avoca, a project to upgrade the amenity of the township of Avoca.

Avoca Streetscape Improvement involved upgrading the infrastructure of High St to make it safer, more attractive and community friendly. Improvements included the building of pedestrian outstands, road surface upgrades, tree plantings and the installation of outdoor furniture. These improvements, which have been made in conjunction to the Avoca Inclusive Playspace, have made a significant improvement to the amenity and beauty of High St.

The other elements of the Activate Avoca project include upgrading the railway precinct and refurbishing the old Shire offices.

The overall cost of Activate Avoca is $870,000, with the Avoca Streetscape Improvement ($370,000) constituting one element (of three elements) that is covered by this money.

 This project was funded by a Victorian Government Regional Development Grant ($500,000) and the Pyrenees Shire Council ($370,000).


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