Avoca War Memorial Rehabilitation

  • Project typeRestoration of memorial
  • Project valueAround $96,000
  • Project scheduleStage 2 of this project has just begun
  • Completion Date31 July 2021
Avoca War Memorial_LR.jpg

Built in 1921, the Avoca War Memorial was constructed to remember those who fought in the First World War. The memorial was later rededicated in 1988 to also remember those who served in the Second World War.

In 2019/20 the first stage of work was done to repair the memorial. It was cleaned, there were repairs to the parapets, and significant drainage issues were resolved, with the roof resealed to fix issues with damp. The garden was removed to address rising damp, while there was repairs to the memorial lighting. 

Now, exactly a hundred years after it was first built, the memorial is having the second stage of work done to ensure it lasts another hundred years. Following specialist heritage advice, the façade will be cleaned and render repaired where necessary, the plaque will be cleaned, and the building will be repainted with a special protective paint when the weather is suitable.

Repair work has already begun, and there will be a security fence around the memorial until work is finished. There should be no interference to traffic, but pedestrian access may be altered. Works are expected to last until mid-July, while the repainting will be done when the weather is appropriate.

The first stage of this project was funded by a Victorian State Government Veteran’s grant of $30,000; the second stage is expected to cost around $66,000 and is funded by a grant from the State Government and contributions from Council and the local community. 



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