Beggs St Public Toilet Replacement

  • Project typePublic toilet replacement
  • Project value$135,000
  • Project scheduleDemolition will begin shortly
  • Completion Date31 October 2021
Beggs St Toilet Rendering.JPG

As part of Council’s annual building renewal budget, the old public toilets next to the playground on Beggs St in Beaufort are going to be replaced. The current toilet block is very small, old and not suitable for people with accessibility issues.

Work on the project has begun, and demolition of the existing building is expected to take place sometime over the next couple of weeks. Once demolition is complete, work will begin on the new building (see drawings), which will feature a unisex accessible toilet, with two male (one ambulant, one regular; ambulant toilets are designed for people with accessibility issues who are not in a wheelchair) and two female toilets (one ambulant, one regular) either side.

This project is funded by Council and is budgeted to cost $135,000.

We expect that the building will be completed in late October. We apologise for any inconvenience while work is taking place, in the meantime please use the public toilets on Neill St (opposite the rotunda). 



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