Live streaming and Video Conferencing Hardware Installation

  • Project typeICT Equipment Installation
  • Project value$130,000
  • Project scheduleEquipment has been purchased and the installation is due to take place in May
  • Contractor nameI-COMM Australia
  • Completion Date31 May 2021

Council has live streamed monthly meetings since the introduction of COVID-19 restrictions, and we are now planning an upgrade of our live streaming technology.

Live streaming has numerous benefits, first and foremost making Council more democratic, accessible and transparent to all residents.

To help fund the purchase and installation of the equipment, Council was awarded a grant of $98,500 from the Victorian State Government’s Rural Councils ICT Infrastructure Support Program, which, combined with $30,419 from Counci, has been used to upgrade our live streaming and video conferencing facilities.

In early May, the Beaufort Council Chambers will be fitted out with live streaming and room-based video conferencing equipment, along with the supply of portable equipment for live streaming and video conferencing for use when Council meetings and other events are held in Avoca or other localities. The new equipment will result in an improved quality of the live stream and video conferencing capabilities.



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