Moonambel-Warrenmang Rd Bridge Replacement

  • Project typeBridge replacement and upgrading
  • Project value$402,000
  • Project scheduleFunding for this project has just been secured.
  • Contractor nameHasn't yet gone out to tender.
  • Completion Date31 May 2022
Moonambel Warrenmang Rd RB110 A.JPG

This project involves the replacement of Bridge 110 over Wild Dog Creek on Moonambel-Warrenmang Rd to improve the safety of the bridge and also to upgrade its carrying capacity. The existing structure is too narrow and requires widening, it also needs underpinning to address settlement issues, lacks safety barriers and doesn’t have the capacity to cater for current loads. The replacement of this bridge is part of Council’s plan to improve the safety and capacity of our local road network.

This project is co-funded by the State Government’s Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions ($384,667) and the Pyrenees Shire ($17,000).