Pyrenees Outdoor Dining Activation

  • Project typeOutdoor dining infrastructure and planter box installation
  • Project value$250,000
  • Project scheduleThe outdoor dining barriers and planter boxes have all been installed, all that remains to be completed are some space activation projects designed to encourage people to utilise the newly refurbished outdoor spaces
  • Contractor nameMultiple contractors
  • Completion Date31 March 2021

This project involved the roll out of outdoor dining barriers for hospitality businesses throughout the Pyrenees Shire. In conjunction with this, we’ve also installed planter boxes to beautify streetscapes. The project was designed to encourage outdoor dining due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was funded by the State Government, while the project has been managed by Pyrenees Shire.

The café barriers have been installed to support hospitality businesses with the required footpath frontage. Their installation, along with the planter boxes, will encourage the use of sidewalk spaces for outdoor dining and generally enhance the feel of streetscapes.

The barriers and planter boxes have been built and installed as part of the State Government’s Outdoor Eating and Entertainment package, which provided $250,000 for councils to improve outdoor dining in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Individual hospitality businesses were also able to access up to $5000 to buy outdoor furniture to further enhance their alfresco dining.

Other local businesses have also benefited from the funding package. The planter boxes are being fabricated locally and the plants will be supplied by a local nursery, while the ongoing care of the plants has also been contracted out locally.