Snake Valley Linear Park Skate Park

  • Project typeNew skate park
  • Project value$375,000
  • Project scheduleCompleted
  • Contractor nameOverall concept design by Bricolage Design. The skate park was designed by Baseplate Design and built by Convic.
  • Completion Date30 November 2020
Snake Valley Skate Park design.JPG

The Snake Valley Linear Park Skate Park is the first stage in a four stage project to develop the Linear Park as an inclusive open recreational space where residents can gather and take part in informal recreation activities while enjoying the convenience of having a regional-class facility located in their township. Previous to this project being built, there were no formal parks or passive recreational spaces in Snake Valley other than Mag Dam and a small playground next to the Snake Valley Hall. As a result, no opportunities were presented for residents to visit local public parks to enjoy garden surrounds, have a BBQ or picnic with friends or ride BMX/skateboards and scooters.

Young people who live in Snake Valley and surrounds now have access to an excellent skate park. The park, which was built designed by skate-park specialist, Baseplate Design, includes a bowl and street course, and was designed so that there is the possibility of adding a snake run at a later date. It was built by international skate park specialist, Convic, which has an Australian arm.

The skate park was one of the projects outlined in the Snake Valley Community Action Plan, so its completion fulfills one of the objectives of that plan.

This project was funded by Sport and Recreation Victoria ($250,000) and the Pyrenees Shire Council ($125,000).

Project Update

Since the skate park was constructed there have been some more additions to improve the amenity of the park. Nine formal car parks have been built next to the park, along with a crossing point and protective bollards. The parks is now also protected by a post-and-rail fence and has a rubbish bin installed next to it. These improvements were funded by a $60,000 grant from the Federal Government's Drought Communities Programme. 

The final change to the park will be the construction of two shade sails beside the park. The shade sails are funded by the Day Breakers Car Club and a Pyrenees Shire Community Grant.




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