Shire Tree Planting

  • Project typeTree planting and replacement
  • Project value$50,000 per annum in 2021
  • Project scheduleOngoing
  • Completion Date31 December 2021
Tree planting photo.JPG

One of Council’s ongoing projects has been to plant or replace trees on streets and roads. Not only does tree planting improve the amenity of towns by providing shade and beautifying streetscapes, trees help cool the landscape down by breaking up ‘heat islands’, clean the air of pollution and mitigate against the effects of climate.

Council has between 20 and 30 different species of trees it plants, depending upon the local environment or streetscape.

This year, Council is increasing its tree planting and tree replacement budget from $10,000 to $50,000, funded by the Federal Government’s Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program. The expanded budget will significantly speed up Council’s tree planting efforts, ensuring that the Pyrenees is better to prepared to cope with a warming climate.