Electronic Notices

Pyrenees Shire Council ratepayers can sign up for the electronic delivery of their rates notices. You can do this by either signing up through E-Notices or through BPAY VIEW.

Receiving your Rate Notice electronically using E-Notices (a PDF emailed to you)

  • To register go to pyrenees.enotices.com.au

  • Register as a new user

  • Enter the details exactly as they appear on your most recent Rate and Valuation Notice.

  • You will no longer receive a paper notice, instead it will be sent directly to your email address.

  • You will still need to pay your bill by using one of our payment methods.

Please add noreply@formsport.com.au to your email Safe List to ensure that emails are not accidentally marked as spam.


Using BPay View

  • It only takes a few minutes to get started with BPAY View. Simply log on to your online or mobile bank to register to have your Pyrenees Shire Rate and Valuation Notice sent electronically.



  • When prompted, simply enter the Biller Code and your BPAY Reference Number shown on the front of your notice.

  • When your Rate and Valuation Notice arrives, your financial institution will let you know by email, SMS or bank message within your online or mobile bank.

  •  Using BPay View you will no longer receive a paper Rate and Valuation notice from Pyrenees Shire.


Please Note: Each property has a different BPAY Reference Number, so multiple properties require a separate transaction for each.