Voting in Council Elections

Changes to legislation (Local Government Act 2020) has changed the way property owners who are Non-Residents of the Pyrenees Shire Council can vote in the 2020 Council Election.


Entitlement to Vote

To be entitled to vote in the 2020 Council Elections, property owners who are Non-Residents of the Pyrenees Shire Council and who have acquired property in the Municipality since August 2016 need to apply to enrol to vote(PDF, 311KB).

Voting for Non-Resident property owners is encouraged but not compulsory. 

Applications need to be made by 4pm on Friday, 28th August. It is encouraged that applications are returned to Council electronically by emailing them to

Further information on voting in Council Elections can be found on the Victorian Electoral Commission website.

Eligibility to Vote

A person may only be enrolled once in a municipality, irrespective of how many properties they own or occupy.

No more than two owners and two occupiers may be enrolled for a single rateable property.

To be eligible to be on the voters' roll as an owner ratepayer, a person:

  • must be at least 18 years of age by the election day
  • must be an owner of rateable property in the Council's municipal area, and
  • must not be enrolled as a resident of the municipality on the State electoral role.

This enrolment remains in force as long as you own this property, or don't otherwise become enrolled as a resident on the State roll in the municipality. You may resign this enrolment by application to the Council.