Recycling Tips

Each fortnight Council collects approved recyclable material on the same day of the week as your garbage bin is collected. You can also take your recycling to the transfer stations within the municipality free of charge.

Please make sure you rinse all items before placing them in to your recycling bin.

Cans and plastic containers should be crushed. Remove caps, corks and lids before placing into the bin. Cardboard boxes should be folded flat or torn into smaller more manageable pieces that can easily fit into the bin.

All items should be placed into the bin loose. Please do not place any items into plastic bags before placing into the bin, as this is considered as being contamination at the sorting facility.

Recycable materials can be defined as: Non Recycable materials broadly include the following:
Glass bottles & jars Household garbage
Aluminium and steel cans Garden waste
Milk & juice cartons (wax lined) Window glass & broken glass
Long life milk containers (UHT) Polystyrene
Plastic containers coded 1 to 7 Plastic bags
Paper & cardboard (unbundled) Toys, household plastics

Building materials, soil, brick etc.


If contaminants (non-approved materials) have been wilfully placed in recycle bins, Council officers may confiscate bins.

If you have any queries please contact us on (03) 5349 1100.