Rubbish and Recycling Bin Collections


Council provides garbage and recycling collection services across the Shire through the application of a competitive process. This process is applied to regular collections of garbage, recycling and street litter bins as well as the management and operation of transfer stations within the Shire.

A new garbage collection service will allow residents in rural areas, being all those areas outside Beaufort and Avoca township areas to have their garbage collected from new 240 litre mobile bins on a fortnightly basis. Garbage continues to be collected on a weekly basis from existing 120 litre mobile bins in the township areas of Beaufort and Avoca.

Council's waste contractor Four Seasons Waste will not collect garbage or recycling when the fire danger rating is at Code Red. Collections will continue on days of Total Fire Ban.

Find out when your next rubbish collection day is.


Garbage, Recycling & Green Waste - Beaufort & Avoca

The urban townships of Beaufort and Avoca have a green 120 litre mobile garbage bin which is collected weekly.

Residents receive a 240 litre mobile recycling bin with a yellow lid which is collected fortnightly on the same day of the week as the garbage collection.

A 240 litre bin with a lime green lid is also provided to households within the townships of Beaufort and Avoca.


Garbage & Recycling - Rural (areas outside of Beaufort and Avoca)

All rural routes provided with a waste collection service have a green 240 litre mobile garbage bin which is collected fortnightly.
Residents receive a 240 litre mobile recycling bin with a yellow lid which is collected fortnightly on the same day of the week as the garbage collection but on the alternate week. You can download the calendar for rural areas here:

Garbage and Recycling(PDF, 365KB)


Information about Bins and their Placement

All bins are provided to the resident by Council and remains the property of Council. Bins are to be left with the property if/when the residents leave.
Replacement bins for any damaged or stolen bins will be provided by Council based on a statutory declaration being provided.

To ensure that your recycling and garbage bin is collected, the correct placement of the bin is critical:

  • Always put the bins out with the handle facing the house
  • Place the bins half a metre apart when both are placed out on the same day
  • Do not place the bins behind parked cars or near trees or other obstructions
  • Please do not overfill or place anything on top of the bins.

Due to the time commitment each day, bins not placed out on time cannot be collected until the following collection. Please ensure your bins are correctly placed by 6.00 am on collection days.

For information about Green Waste collections visit our page on Green Waste.


Application for a New Waste Collection Service

If you wish to apply for a new waste collection service please fill out the application form(PDF, 137KB) .

You might need information from your rates notice to complete the form.