Aerated Wastewater Treatment Service Providers

Aerated Wastewater Treatment Service Providers


S & D Septic Waste Treatment Systems Pty Ltd
Factory 5/ 146 High St, MELTON VIC 3337
Ph: 1300 363 405


GJ Hurn Earthmoving
40 Church Pde, KINGSTON VIC 3364
Mob: 0412 596 739
www. gjhurnearthmovingvic. com. au


Sleeps Plumbing
3 Butt St, CANADIAN VIC 3350
Ph:(03) 5334 4747
Mob: 0418 334 995


Factory 1 18 Matchett Drive, BENDIGO VIC 3551
Ph: 1300 364 428
www. sepserve. com. au


All Brands Servicing
30 Hammond Court, HOPETOUN PARK VIC 3340
Ph: (03) 5367 7646
Mob: 0429 141 151
www. allbrandsservicing. com. au


Please Note:
This is not a recommendation for any of the agents listed here or a guarantee of the quality of the work they do.  We will not be held responsible for any issues that you may encounter due to any of these agents providing an inadequate service or any costs that may be incurred during the service and maintenance process. 

There are other Wastewater Service Providers not specifically listed here that may be able to provide this service.


Are you an AWTS Servicing Agent but not on this list? 
Feel free to contact us about it on 1300 PYRENEES (1300 797 363)