Information and Fact Sheets

Onsite Wastewater Management Information Sheets

Note: some of the systems outlined in the Information Sheets are for systems that are no longer approved to be installed and are a reference for people with existing systems only. 

For a current list of Approved System Types please refer to EPA Victoria's list of Valid onsite wastewater treatment system certificate holders.



 Septic Tank with Absorption Trenches(PDF, 4MB) 
 Wastewater Treatment Plants(PDF, 2MB)
 Septic Tank with Sand Filter(PDF, 1MB)
 Septic Tank with Reed Bed(PDF, 1MB)
 Split Systems(PDF, 2MB)
 Common Disposal Methods(PDF, 4MB)
 In-situ and Other Historic Septic Tank Systems(PDF, 4MB)
 Licensed Plumbing Practitioners' Responsibilities(PDF, 2MB)
 Service Agents' Responsibilities(PDF, 1MB)
 Septic Information for Land Owners(PDF, 3MB)
 Septic Information for Home owners and Renters(PDF, 2MB)