Outdoor Dining FAQ

Do I need a COVIDSafe Plan?

You must have a COVID Safe Plan and record all patron names and contact numbers. All additional Victorian Government advice regarding outdoor trading requirements for the hospitality sector must also be strictly followed. Learn how to create a COVIDSafe workplace by visiting the Department of Health and Human Services

Where do we find out about the rules for outdoor dining?

Please review the standard conditions for Outdoor Dining/Trading in Pyrenees Shire. This provides information such as the spaces to be maintained for pedestrian movements and kerbs, and the general principles to be followed.

Placement of outdoor furniture, other infrastructure and signage.

Please note, Council is required to adhere to the Disability and Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA) and ensure it is compliant with safety, accessibility and amenity. Therefore, the following diagrams are provided to show the approved placement of infrastructure in the ‘Footpath Trading zone’. This standard allows Council to remain compliant with legislated requirements of the abovementioned Act.

 FAQ 1.pngfaq 2.jpg

When can I start my outdoor dining service?

You will need to obtain a Local Law permit for Outdoor Dining. Please click here to download the application form. An Outdoor Dining Permit will be issued as quickly as possible. Once applications are received and checked for accuracy, a Council Officer will be in contact to arrange a site inspection and discussion on the outdoor dining arrangement. Once all criteria are met, you will be issued a Local Law permit and you can start trading (as long as roadmap restrictions allow). We are committed to making this happen as quickly as possible.


Will I need a planning permit?

If you require a change to your existing liquor licence (red line area), a planning permit may be required. Please contact us by emailing planning@pyrenees.vic.gov.au or calling our Planning Officers who will help you work through this as quickly as possible. Please refer to the VCGLR website for further information on Liquor Licensing during the restriction period.

Please note: If you are looking to undertake any building/works to facilitate outdoor dining, you may require a Planning Permit and/or Building Permit. Please contact Kate Joss on 0418 548 997 who can assist to direct your enquiry.


If I wish to install or attach ‘sleeves’ or ‘anchor points’ into the footpath to support umbrellas, barrier screens and/or blind attachments, do I need a permit?

Yes, you will require a Local Law Road Opening permit for alterations to the footpath. You can apply for this permit at the same time as the Outdoor Dining permit. Council can help advise the types of anchor points and sleeves to use in these types of applications. 

Can I attach anything to the verandah or façade of my business premises?

The buildings within the commercial precincts of our Shire’s townships have Heritage significance which must be protected as they form part of the unique character of the township they are in. Council can provide Heritage advice on what types of treatments can be approved for the physical building frontage of your hospitality premises. We encourage you to make contact with us so we can work through this with you.


What kind of signage can I put out the front of my business?

Permanent signage requires a Planning Permit. However, under Local Laws, up to two new temporary signs can be applied for (size restrictions apply). Please refer to the Local Law permit conditions. Applications will be considered on a case by case basis having regard to the impact of that signage on the character and appearance of the streetscape.  It is recommended that verandah posts be free of signage such as banners, flags and other advertising.

Who will pay for the outdoor furniture/ minor works if needed?

The costs associated with outdoor dining at your hospitality premises are the responsibility of the business owner. Businesses may also choose to hire furniture. Businesses can apply for funding of $5,000 available from the Victorian Government to support these initiatives through the Victorian Government Outdoor Eating and Entertainment Package. There is also a list you can refer to for the types of things you can spend this money on for your outdoor dining space.


Can I get help with my grant application?

Council's Placemaking Facilitator is available to assist with grant funding application support. A letter of support can be provided also. Please view the Outdoor Eating and Entertainment Package Application PDF to take a look at what you will be required to answer.


Can I set up dining on footpath in front of my neighbour’s business?

Yes, you can extend your dining area to include the footpath in front of neighbouring / adjacent properties if they are in agreement with this. We encourage you to discuss any opportunities for expansion of your outdoor dining with neighbouring premises. Council is happy to make contact on your behalf. As part of the permit process,  Council will be seeking a letter of consent from neighbouring premises.